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Certificate in Digital Media

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Digital Media Certificate

This Chancellor's Certificate program provides you with the tools you need to create digital graphics for use in print, on the Web, in presentations, and for multimedia.

Learn to:

  • Create, acquire, and modify digital graphics.
  • Retouch, enhance, and manipulate digital photographs.
  • Create and edit video including transitions and audio.
  • Choose the appropriate file format based on the intended use of the image.
  • Develop motion graphics and special effects.

Who will benefit from this certificate?

This certificate is for the traditional designer who is going digital, as well as those with experience working in a digital environment, including graphic designers, illustrators, desktop publishers, Web designers, and photographers.

You will benefit by:

  • Developing a strong foundation in software essential for today's graphics professional.
  • Expanding your current knowledge of digital graphics and experimenting with new tools and techniques.
  • Understanding the differences among the various graphic file formats and their intended uses.

If you want to sign up for the certificate online, enter CT810-X9010 for the Digital Graphics Certificate code.

Online Classes: Our Certificate classes are available virtually (live online) with an instructor present for the entire course. In-Person Classes are offered at our West County facility with limited enrollments to promote social distancing.

Register: When you register, choose your class section based on how you want to attend the class: "Live Online" or "West County In-Person".

Certificate Class Requirements

You can earn this certificate in one of these two ways:

  • Complete a minimum of 52 hours in the classes specified below - 13 hours from Art & Graphics, 13 hours from Image Editing, 13 hours from Digital Video, and 13 hours from Electives.
  • Complete the Chancellor's Certificate in Electronic Art & Publishing, and then complete just 32.5 more hours (a minimum of 6.5 hours in Art & Graphics, 13 hours in Digital Video, and 13 hours in Electives.) Please note that each course can only be applied to one certificate.

Art & Graphics (minimum 13 hours required)

Image Editing (minimum 13 hours required)

Digital Video (minimum 13 hours required)

Electives (minimum 13 hours required)

Any classes listed in the categories above (Art & Graphics, Image Editing, or Digital Video) that have not been applied to a category can be used as an elective.

Certificate Prerequisites

You should be proficient with the Windows environment and be able to find files, create folders, organize and manage files and folders, work with multiple windows, and share data between applications via the Clipboard.

Certificate Completion Requirements

All classes must be completed through the University of Missouri-St. Louis Computer Education & Training Center within 24 months of submitting the application. If you have completed one or more of these classes through the Computer Education & Training Center in the 24 months prior to completing your application, they may be applied to this certificate. Granting approval for these classes depends on verification of satisfactory completion of each class.

You are required to complete any course prerequisites listed for certificate classes. These classes will not count toward the hours required to complete the certificate. Be sure to check the course descriptions for specific prerequisites.

Please note that a class can only be applied to one specialized certificate.

How to Enroll

  • Call 314-984-9000 or e-mail for information on how to enroll.
  • You can also enroll online as all certificate applications are listed in the Course Category List under Certificate. To enroll in a certificate online click here.

There is a nonrefundable fee of $25.00 which covers processing, recordkeeping, and certificate costs.

Upon receipt of the application and fee, we will send you a confirmation and "Notification of Completion" form. Use this form to keep track of classes you're taking toward your certificate. When you complete your last class, return the Notification form.

We will verify successful completion of all requirements and send you the Chancellor's Certificate in Digital Media.

If you want to sign up online, the Certificate Registration Code is CT810-X9010 for the Digital Media Certificate.

Note: You will receive CEUs for successful completion of each certificate class. The hours you complete in these classes will also be applied toward the 96-hour Chancellor's Certificate on the Computer.