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What is Teams?

Microsoft Teams, an Office 365 app, is a modern communication tool that enhances your ability to work with other members of a group and brings content, conversations, and team members together in a shared workspace.

Microsoft Teams includes the capability to meet in a virtual environment. You can schedule a meeting on a shared Teams Calendar or schedule the meeting directly. The meeting can include video or just audio. If you are meeting with video, you can share you screen with the group. As an alternative, you can also just do a Group Chat.

Microsoft Teams offers a way to pull a variety of Office 365 apps together and collaborate with others in a centralized hub. With a Team, you can work together on content in such apps as SharePoint Online, OneDrive, Planner, or OneNote. You can schedule meetings and work on a shared Calendar. Teams also includes channels that allow you more efficient ways to communicate and share documents rather than just using email. Your discussions can remain centralized and searchable.

Features of Teams include:

All of this (and more) is possible with Teams.

Teams Class

Our Introduction to Teams class will teach you to effectively use the app for meetings, communication, collaboration, and to pull your information together in a central hub. You'll discover how to create, manage and organize your teams into different channels. You will understand how to use Tabs, Connectors, and Bots to bring in information from other sources. You'll learn how Teams relates to an Office 365 group, and how Teams interacts with other Office 365 apps such as SharePoint and OneDrive.

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