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SharePoint Online, a part of Office 365, has extensive document management capabilities to organize, manage, and share your files. It also includes list-making features and a news feed for sharing information. And with the ability to design sites and combine web parts to create site pages, you can build out a complete departmental or company-wide intranet. [More on SharePoint]

Virtual Classes: Our SharePoint classes are available virtually (online) with an instructor present for the entire course. You will be able to log in and use our SharePoint sites during class. You will see the instructor's screen throughout the class and you can share your screen if you need individual help from the instructor. You will have time to practice, ask questions, and receive hands-on training.

In-person classes are also available at our West County facility with limited enrollments to promote social distancing. When you register, choose your class section based on how you want to attend the class: virtual or in-person.

  • Select Live Online" if you want to attend virtually from your workplace or home.
  • Choose "West County In-Person" if you want to attend a class at our West County location.

Introduction to SharePoint

(Prerequisite: Experience with Windows.) Discover how SharePoint can be used for document and information management to enhance the productivity of work groups and teams. Learn to navigate through the SharePoint environment, understand the overall organization of SharePoint, and discover how the SharePoint way and tools give you more flexibility in managing information. Understand how sites organize content for specific work teams or projects. Discover how to add and use document libraries to store, organize, retrieve, and share files with others. Use alerts to monitor changes in your lists and libraries. Find out how to use, modify, and create SharePoint built-in list templates (such as issue tracking, travel requests, and employee onboarding) to stay connected to other group members and effectively share information. Learn to create a SharePoint list from Excel. Additional topics include creating custom (blank) lists, versioning, managing alerts, understanding the title property role, restoring deleted content, managing settings, and best practices in SharePoint. [Course Outline]
Fee: $279

One-Day Class Meets 8:30am-4:00pm (6.5 hours)
Code Date Location Instructor
E2679 Tues., Apr. 19Virtual/WCAllan Crean
E2811 Mon., June 20Virtual/WCAllan Crean

Intermediate Applications of SharePoint

(Prerequisite: Introduction to SharePoint or equivalent experience.) Explore features of SharePoint to enhance productivity. Understand how to customize and add to the built-in metadata for a document library to help organize your files. Use the power of metadata to sort, filter, and group content in your lists/libraries as well as organize document libraries. Discover how to create views to examine and present your documents and lists in different ways, and easily find the document or information you need. Learn to use list formatting and conditional formatting to highlight key information. Understand how to enhance site navigation by modifying the Quick Launch. Use Choice and Lookup columns to improve the quality of data entry. Additional topics include calculated columns, column validation, list validation, and generating totals. [Course Outline]
Fee: $279

One-Day Class Meets 8:30am-4:00pm (6.5 hours)
Code Date Location Instructor
E2680 Tues., Apr. 26Virtual/WCAllan Crean
E2812 Mon., June 27Virtual/WCAllan Crean

Advanced Applications of SharePoint: Level 1

(Prerequisite: Intermediate Applications of SharePoint or equivalent experience.) Discover the advanced features of SharePoint that can help you standardize content and help you be more efficient with content creation on your sites. Explore using site columns for both document libraries and lists. Learn to use calculated fields for defaults to enhance data entry. Understand how to use conditional formatting to highlight key information. Create Communication sites to effectively share information throughout your organization. Learn the modern SharePoint flat architecture and how to use a hub site to link sites together. Use site templates to enhance the appearance and organization of your SharePoint intranet. Learn to set up news to share information with specific groups or your entire organization. Discover the difference between SharePoint groups and Microsoft 365 groups. Understand sharing, managing acesss, and guidelines for assigning permissions. Learn best practices on setting up groups to provide appropriate access to your site. Additional topics include creatiing basic flows for approvals and to monitor changes. [Course Outline]
Fee: $279

One-Day Class Meets 8:30am-4:00pm (6.5 hours)
Code Date Location Instructor
E2681 Tues., May 3Virtual/WCAllan Crean

Advanced Applications of SharePoint: Level 2

(Prerequisite: Advanced Applications of SharePoint: Level 1 or equivalent experience.) Discover how to create site pages using the modern page experience to enhance the presentation of your content and build out a complete intranet. Learn to set up zones, add web parts, and enable/disable comments on site pages as you work with the modern page canvas. Understand how to add images, photo galleries, countdown timers, and slide shows to your site pages. Learn to play videos and place world clocks, the weather, and charts on a page. Discover how to include interactive maps and an events calendar on your site. Learn to add dynamic content using the highlighted content, news, and site activity web parts. Understand how to configure web parts to sort, filter, and pull content from multiple sites. Additional topics include editing the home page, setting up quick links to promote content, adding accordion-style collapsible sections and publishing your pages at a future date. [Course Outline]
Fee: $279

One-Day Class Meets 8:30am-4:00pm (6.5 hours)
Code Date Location Instructor
E2682 Tues., May 10Virtual/WCAllan Crean

If you would like to register for a course, call (314) 984-9000 or register online.

Take our classes in Power Automate and learn to add workflows and approval processes to SharePoint Online.

Classes are also available in other Office 365 apps including OneDrive, Teams, Power Apps, and Power Automate.

If you are using an older version of SharePoint such as SharePoint 2013 or SharePoint 2016, you may want to consider our classes in SharePoint 2013 (Classic SharePoint).

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