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What is R Programming?


With the amount of data available to organizations, there is a need for software tools that provide effective analysis, visualizations, and reports for decision-making. R is one tool that is gaining popularity and provides solutions for data manipulation, calculations, and visual displays. It includes capabilities for:

R Packages

R is open source software meaning it is free and can be modified. An additional strength of R is the vast number of libraries, called packages, that are available for download. R packages are collections of routines that extend the capabilities of R and give you access to data analysis methods employed by others. Using these packages can save you a great deal of development time and improve the quality of your work.

Challenges of R

R does have a learning curve. Its syntax at times is a little unorthodox. In addition, it is not always consistent from package to package as the various authors and programmers implement packages they create in different ways. And finally, the built-in help and documentation does not always provide sufficient guidance.

R Training at CETC

Our Introduction to R class will teach you to use this software analytical and visualization tool to gain insights into your data. You'll better understand how to import data, how to navigate and interact with the RStudio interface, and how to work with R syntax and data structures as you become familiar with the R approach. You will discover the power of vectors and how to work with data frames and vectorized functions. You will understand R operations and work with conditionals as well as perform indexing, filtering, and ordering. And you will learn to represent your data with different visualizations and reports to share with others in your organization.

Our Intermediate Applications of R will show you how to build on your R analysis skills and handle more complex data manipulation and analysis. You will learn text extraction and how to look up data and work with lists. You will bettter understand how to manipulate rows and columns of data as well transpose data. You will learn how to query data, combine data tables, summarize your data frames, and other techniques for data analysis.

Explore more challenging topics with our Advanced Level R classes. You'll learn to reshape tables, use factors, and perform interactive data analysis. Addtional topics include multidimensional arrays and matrices. Delve into regular expressions, learn to write scripts for repeatable analysis, and create a variety of plots and visualizations.

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