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What is Power BI?

In today's world, a key to success is your ability to understand the vast amount of information available about your customers, your products, your sales, and your business in general. Power BI is a business intelligence tool to help you turn lifeless data into robust, data-driven insights to propel your organization forward. Couched in the familiarity of Microsoft's Ribbon interface, Power BI gives you all the tools you need to create data models, data queries, data visualizations, dashboards, and more.

Power BI gives you the ability to connect to virtually any database coupled with the ease of drag-and-drop functionality. With Power BI you are in control of your data's story and can provide meaningful insights such as:

All of that (and more) is possible with Power BI.

To get the most out of your organization's data, learn to harness Power BI. It can handle large amounts of data including files that are too much for Excel. Power BI also works with many data types including Excel, Access, CSV, Salesforce, Google Analytics, and others. And, it will run R scripts -- meaning that any data you can pull in and massage via R you can import into Power BI.

Power BI Classes

Our Introduction to Power BI and Intermediate Power BI classes will teach you to use software analytical tools to gain insights into your data. You'll learn to bring together data from a variety of sources and create interactive reports, visualizations, and dashboards to share with others in your organization. You'll learn to use Data Modeling in Power BI to build a strong foundation before starting your reports. You will delve into the Query editor to shape, cleanse, and query your data. And finally, you will learn to incorporate date and time intelligence to filter and analyze your data over time.

Our three Advanced Level Power BI classes will take you on the road to mastery. Explore how to shape and cleanse data, preparing it for output to visualizations and reports. Understand how to generate fiscal quarters and years to target planning and projections. Upgrade your skills using DAX formulas (Data Analysis Expressions) to create customized calculated columns and fields to better analyze your data. Develop more custom visuals including a word cloud and controls charts. Work with larger data models and understand the importance of relationships in your data models.

Want to learn more about the tools needed to make sense of your data? Check out our Data Analysis Certificate.

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