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What is Power Automate?


We often look for ways to be more productive. Power Automate (formerly called Flow) is a flexible tool to help with productivity by automating many of your business processes and repetitive tasks. While Power Automate works SQL, Excel, and many Office 365 apps, one of its most common uses is to create flows (workflows) in SharePoint.

Power Automate includes many built-in templates where the process is set up for you, and you simply customize it for your own purposes. You can also design your own flows from scratch. It is possible to schedule flows for a specific time or to run periodically. You can have the flows trigger off a certain event, such as someone uploading a new file to a document library or adding a new item to a list.


So what can you do with Power Automate? Here are a few of the many possibilities.

All of these examples and more are possible without having to code. Although if you want to delve into the code, Power Automate allows you to peek under the hood.

Power Automate Training at CETC

Explore our Power Automate classes and learn how to build "no code" or "low code" solutions. Discover how you can visually create workflows and connect to different data sources. .

Our Introduction to Power Automate will show you how to build flows for SharePoint and other Office 365 apps. You will learn how to build with templates as well as design a flow from scratch. The course will give you a better understanding of how to use connectors, triggers, and incorporate dynamic content. Whether you schedule your flows or trigger them based on a certain event, you will be on your way to greater productivity.

Our Intermediate Applications of Power Automate class will delve into more sophisticated flows. you will learn how to set up approvals, incorporate forms into your flows, update lists, and create files that include new information.

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