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Understanding Office 365


We all have a love/hate relationship with email. It's been around for more than 30 years and many of us have both work and personal email accounts. With email apps on our phone, we can check it anywhere anytime. It is our comfort food.

But it is not always the most efficient way to share information. Sending a file attachment to multiple people means multiple copies. Making changes and tracking versions requires extra work. In addition, with the deluge of emails we receive, it is easy for information to be buried and forgotten.

In recent years, new methods of communication are available. Office 365 and apps such as Teams provide more efficient ways to organize and share information. By keeping your documents and information in the cloud, everyone can access the same document or information in the same place. Even with email, you can now share files stored in OneDrive or other apps rather than attaching them to the email.

New artificial intelligence features in Office 365 software assist you in your work. Still, after clinging to email for so long, it is difficult for us to move to new ways.

Introduction to Office 365

Explore the features of Office 365 in our introductory class to better understand new approaches for collaboration and make the shift to working in the cloud. Learn some of the basic apps, navigation techniques, and new approaches for sharing. After that, you will be positioned to master new skills with these classes:

OneDrive | Teams | SharePoint | OneNote | Power Automate