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About Us

West County Computer Lab

The Computer Education & Training Center at the University of Missouri-St. Louis offers computer training courses that provide students the computer skills necessary to meet current and future technological challenges in the workplace.

Classes cover a wide range of topics to meet a variety of skill levels and interests, while new courses are developed that address specific educational needs in the community.

Introductory courses are geared to those students requiring basic knowledge, while intermediate and advanced courses in current software technology are offered to students with more specialized needs. Course offerings are diverse. For example, we offer several levels of courses on spreadsheets, covering topics such as charts, PivotTables, PowerPivot, data analysis, spreadsheet design, and Excel VBA. Courses are also presented on database management, Office 365, web development, desktop publishing, data visualization, data analysis, SharePoint, Power Automate, SQL, and programming.

To help you explore a new career, update your current computer knowledge, or demonstrate your skills to current or future employers, we offer 10 Specialized Chancellor's Certificates. These programs give you the technical knowledge, skills, and experience that will increase your value to your organization and enhance your professional development.

For a complete course listing, access our on-line class schedule. To request a printed course catalog, call our registration office at (314) 984-9000, e-mail, or use our on-line form.

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Our West County Computer Education Center

West County Computer Center

The Computer Education & Training Center (CETC) is in West County at 12837 Flushing Meadows, 63131, conveniently located near the intersection of Interstate 270 and Manchester Road just south of Highway 64. The building has been extensively renovated to offer an exceptional learning environment.

The Center features new classrooms designed for effective computer training, updated audiovisual equipment, flexible room layouts, and a centralized student area that includes a student break room, kitchen, and lounge seating. All facilities are on the first floor, providing easy access to parking, the check-in area, classes, and registration staff.

Although the skills we teach may be technical, our focus has always been creating the best personal experience for the individual learner. Renovating this building has given us the opportunity to pursue that goal through the creation of a customer-oriented training facility.

Our Web site includes Maps & Directions and other facility information.

Our Instructors

The exceptionally high technical proficiency and presentation skills of the teaching staff are two factors that make the Computer Education & Training Center unique. Many of the faculty are computer professionals who have refined their knowledge and skills in the real-world work environment. Instructors are chosen not only for the breadth and depth of their technical knowledge and experience, but also for their ability to clearly communicate technical information and assist students to understand and apply it.

Our instructors: Beth Arrowsmith, Bill Barry, Allan Crean, Tina Wolk Hefner, Mark Ratliff, and Dawn Robinson.

Beth Arrowsmith has worked on a variety of technology projects including client report creation, SQL development, database administration, C# programming, and web applications. She brings in-depth knowledge to the classroom and is adept at working with students at all levels of experience. Beth has extensive experience in teaching classes in project management, SQL, Oracle, database programming, .NET programming languages, and Microsoft Office applications. Building on her experience gained as a developer and consultant for area corporations, Beth incorporates real-life examples intro her teaching with a strong focus on active, hands-on learning. Beth has a M.S. in Computer Science from the University of Missouri - Science & Technology.

Bill Barry brings over 10 years of practical experience and an easy-to-follow teaching style to the classroom. He built his computer knowledge while working for 3 years in medical research and for 6 years in maintenance management and technical support at St. Louis area companies. His experience includes SQL, Crystal Reports, Microsoft Office products, programming languages, HTML, and JavaScript. Bill holds a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Missouri-Columbia.

Allan Crean, Director of the Computer Education & Training Center at the University of Missouri-St. Louis, began his career at the university as a computer instructor. Under his leadership the Computer Education & Training Center has developed an extensive selection of courses, reaching more than 400,000 participants over the lifetime of the program. With educational excellence and service as primary goals, he has overseen the growth of a program that focuses on the customer and the quality of the learner's experience in the classroom. Allan's specialties include the iPad, SharePoint, Power Automate, Teams, and Office 365. He holds a master's degree from St. Louis University.

Tina Wolk Hefner began her career as computing became essential to small businesses. After completing a BS in Business Education and Accounting from Southeast Missouri State University, she brought her skill and passion into the education field and later transitioned into business delivering customer support, software training, and network management. Currently, she provides web design, consulting, and social media marketing services for local businesses and associations. Tina brings her diverse background and passion for knowledge to the classroom and modern workplace teaching classes in MS Office and Adobe products.

Mark Ratliff brings his passion for technology and education to the classroom. His 25 years of experience with a local newspaper gives him insight into the challenges of using and learning new technologies. While there, he trained staff in the use of new computer software including Adobe products. He has extensive experience with Excel, Access and SQL,and has specialized in data analysis applications such as Tableau, Power BI and R. Mark holds a B.S. in Mass Communications from Northeast Missouri State University.

Dawn Robinson teaches classes in a detailed, patient, and easy-to-understand format. She's worked as a computer consultant solving client problems with efficient results and is experienced in a wide variety of applications, from business software to web page design. Dawn not only teaches classes, but develops curriculum and designs content for custom classes. She received a B.A. in Architectural Design at Iowa State University in Ames, Iowa.

Our Philosophy

West County Computer Center Break Area

Our goal is the success of each student who comes to our classes, whether that success is measured in terms of new skills, enhanced employability, or career advancement. Students have always been the focal point of the Computer Education & Training Center. Everything about the center - from the diversity of course offerings and flexibility of class schedules to the communication skills of staff instructors - is designed with the welfare of students in mind.

The curriculum is continually updated in response to user needs and technological advances. Class content is planned and developed by the instruction staff based on their analyses of students needs. Program are not canned; rather, they are created and refined by the teaching staff as a result of student feedback and the instructors experiences in real-life work environments.

The concentrated format of course offerings is also a benefit to students. Since many of the individuals who attend courses are working adults, time is at a premium. By condensing course content into a series of one-day classes that present beginning, intermediate, and advanced levels, the Program gives students in-depth instruction within a short period of time. When they leave the classroom, students are ready to perform practical applications of the course material they have just learned.

Instructors update their technological knowledge as well as their communication and presentation skills. Many of the faculty are computer professionals who have refined their knowledge and skills in the real-world work environment. Instructors are chosen not only for the breadth and depth of their technical knowledge and experience, but also for their ability to clearly communicate technical information and assist beginning and advanced students to understand and apply it.

Our Mission

Our mission is to serve the lifelong learning needs of the community and promote its growth by providing quality computer education.

Our Core Values

  • Students are the ultimate judge of quality.
  • Learning to effectively use computers is a life-long process that improves productivity, expands potential, and contributes to economic development and personal growth. We want students to leave our classes confident and with optimism, since learning does not end once they leave the classroom.
  • Well-equipped classroom environments that are comfortable, professional, and supportive of different learning styles enhance the learning process.
  • Learning is enhanced through hands-on examples and exercises and not just by teaching keystrokes.