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Web Databases

Databases on the Web

Web databases are becoming an essential tool for businesses and organizations to gather, share, and manage information. Interacting with databases on the Web ranges from a simple form for adding people to an email list, to checking inventory and using a shopping cart on an e-commerce site.

We have a range of courses that can help you set up and manage your database interactivity to boost the usability of your site.

For more information on these courses, click the course title for a complete description, or call Paul Westermann at (314) 984-9000.

Create Basic Forms for User Input and Queries

Forms are everywhere on the Web. You may fill in a form to find out if a class is full, to buy books, or to update your e-mail address for an online newsletter. These courses teach you how to create forms so that your user can send information to your Web server and database.

Enhance Forms With Client-Side Interactivity

Learn how to add interactive features to your forms. These courses can show you how to make sure there are no errors on a form (such as too many digits in a zipcode), as well as calculate the taxes and totals in a shopping cart.

Store and Process Data on a Server

Once the form is submitted, the data must be processed on the Web server. Learn how your customers can add their names and addresses to your database, as well as how they can use forms to find out how many items are still in stock. The following courses guide you through this data management using the most popular technologies.