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Are You Designing Web Pages?

View a PDF of the recommended course path for students interested in Web Design.

Learn HTML and CSS

When you are designing Web pages, you may use a variety of programs to create text, artwork, music, or video for your pages. But it all starts with HTML, the simple programming language that is the standard for creating Web pages.

The more you know about HTML, the more control you will have in designing and adjusting your pages. Even if you use a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get)program such as Dreamweaver to create Web pages, we recommend you take the Introduction to HTML course. With a basic understanding of HTML, you will recognize why certain formatting is used and the best way to design for the Web so that your pages are optimized for all browsers.

We offer three levels of HTML, as well as CSS courses. The introductory HTML class covers the basic tags for generating Web pages. The intermediate level deals with multiple-column text, images, and audio files. The advanced course teaches you how to create frames and image maps. The courses Introduction to CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) and Intermediate Applications of CSS cover creating and applying style sheets to add presentation-type effects, visual qualities, and layout options to your Web pages. The Advanced Applications of CSS class focuses on the new features available in CSS3. The Responsive Design Using HTML and CSS class pulls everything together and covers the Responsive Web Design strategy that will make your web site mobile friendly.

Design Web Pages with Dreamweaver

We also offer courses in Dreamweaver which uses a graphical interface to create Web pages. Dreamweaver has easy-to-use menus and toolbars for creating text, inserting images, and changing background colors and textures.

We recommend that you first take the introductory HTML course before taking a Dreamweaver course, since knowledge of HTML will help you understand why certain formatting works and looks the way it does.

Create Artwork and Animation

In addition to our HTML classes, you may want to take a class in one of our graphics programs, such as Photoshop or Illustrator.

Finally, you can learn to create movies for your Web pages by taking our courses in Adobe Premiere Pro. This digital editing program can assemble file clips, photos, and artwork to produce movies, and then save them in formats suitable for the Web.

For complete course listings, class descriptions, and prerequisites, check out the Class Schedule.