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Macintosh Classes

Windows and Macintosh Software

We offer our art, multimedia, and Web design classes on the Windows platform. The Windows and Macintosh versions of the software used in these classes is very similar and in many cases identical. With few exceptions, the menus, dialog boxes, and tools are the same on the two platforms. The primary differences between Macintosh and Windows versions are some keyboard commands and shortcuts, since the keyboards are slightly different. Our instructors and course materials attempt to address these command differences in classes that include Macintosh users.

The prerequisite for the introductory levels of these courses is Introduction to Windows, but you can skip this prerequisite if you have experience using a mouse and pull-down menus on either the Windows or Macintosh platform.

Microsoft Office for the Macintosh

The Macintosh has a version of Microsoft Office available. In older versions, Office for the Macintosh was normally released after the Windows version and given a different year designation. The Macintosh equivalent of the Windows version of Office 2010 is Office 2011.

Macintosh Version Windows Version
Office 2008 Office 2007
Office 2011 Office 2010
See Office 2016 Office 2013
Office 2016 for Mac Office 2016
Office 365 for Mac Office 365

In all cases, the Macintosh version is very similar (Office 2011 is similar to Office 2010, etc.), but there may be a few minor variations. Students who are using the Macintosh versions of Microsoft Office could take the Windows version of the class and benefit from it particularly with the classes of PowerPoint, Excel, and Word. (Not all software versions in the Microsoft Office Windows version are available in the Microsoft Office Macintosh version.) Note that there was no equivalent Mac version released for Office 2013. However, Office 2016 is very similar to Office 2013.