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Which Courses Do I Need to Work on a Windows Network?

The classes you need for working on a network depend on how much network management you are doing and what kind of network you have.

If You Manage Windows Server

Currently, we offer a system administration class on Managing a Network Using Windows Server. It is useful to have a basic understanding of networks, which you can get in our Introduction to Networks class.

We also offer a few courses on special Windows Server topics. Our Introduction to Windows Active Directory course covers the basics of planning, designing, configuring, and administering Active Directory Services. This course requires that students complete Managing a Network Using Windows Server (or have equivalent experience). A second Active Directory course, Intermediate Windows Active Directory, covers security, troubleshooting, and disaster recovery.

If You Want to Secure Your Windows Network

In addition to these courses, we offer two courses in security. If you want to learn more about securing workstations, consider taking Introduction to Security. To track activitiy on a computer or network, as well as analyze logs, registry keys, and cached setting, take the course Intermediate Security: Live System Analysis.