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CETC December 2017 Newsletter

(Posted: 12/12/2017)

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In This Issue:


Computer Education & Training Center, Winter/Early Spring Schedule

The Winter/Early Spring, January - April 2018 schedule, is now available. Browse our courses for the latest computer training class dates and times. You can also [Download] a PDF of our current catalog.

Customer Appreciation Discount

Congratulations to all of our students on your commitment to continuing education.To support your efforts and to show our appreciation for choosing the Computer Education & Training Center, you are invited to sign up for classes at a discounted rate. From now until the end of the year, we are offering a customer appreciation promotion. Sign up online and pay for your classes by the end of the year, and receive a 15% discount. [More on Customer Appreciation Discount]

iPad Classes Expanded

With the latest system release, the iPad has moved closer to a laptop replacement. We have expanded our iPad series to explore these new features and help you master the skills you need to be productive with the device. With the new class series, you'll gain insights into how you can be efficient, master the shortcuts, understand the capabilities, maintain privacy and security, and organize and share your documents. [More]

Upcoming Business Intelligence Classes

With the amount of data available to organizations, there is a need for software tools that will provide effective analysis, visualizations, and reports for decision-making. Check out our upcoming classes on Business Intelligence software.

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