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CETC April 2021 Newsletter

(Posted: 04/21/2021)

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New Class Schedule

Our May - August 2021 classes are now available. Browse our online schedule for the latest computer training dates and times. All classes are available virtually (live online) with a live instructor present and hands-on activities.

Need for Speed: SQL Query Optimization

Your business depends on queries - some of which might return millions of rows, while others are run all day, every day. A slow query can slow down the database, affecting other users and possibly even the customers. It is important that queries not only return the right data and the complete data, but also return the answer as efficiently and effectively as possible, so that the database is available and processing quickly. [More]

Upcoming Classes

Take advantage of the opportunity to learn a new skill with our online format. All online classes are interactive with an instructor present for the entire class session. You will see the instructor's screen throughout the class and you can share your screen if you need individual help from the instructor. If you do not have the necessary software available on your machine, you can remote into one of our computers. In-person classes are also available if you prefer that format.

Check out a few of our upcoming class series starting soon.

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