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CETC October 2017 Newsletter

(Posted: 10/17/2017)

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Computer Education & Training Center, Summer Schedule

The Fall/Winter, October 2017 - February 2018 schedule, is now available. Browse our courses for the latest computer training class dates and times. You can also [Download] a PDF of our current catalog.

Cloud Storage Using Office365/OneDrive

With the advent of Cloud storage, your desktop is no longer the central storage device for your files and documents. Instead, you store your files in the Cloud on a central server managed by someone else. You will be able to sync files with your desktop computer, laptop, and mobile devices allowing you to access your files anywhere. [More on Office365/OneDrive]

Upcoming Business Intelligence Classes

With the amount of data available to organizations, there is a need for software tools that will provide effective analysis, visualizations, and reports for decision-making. Check out our upcoming classes on Business Intelligence software.

Enhancing Video with After Effects

Adobe After Effects is a sophisticated software tool for creating various video compositions, animations and special effects. It has been used in major movie productions such as Iron Man and Star Trek. [More on After Effects]

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