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CETC July 2017 Newsletter

(Posted: 07/14/2017)

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In This Issue:


Computer Education & Training Center, Summer Schedule

The Summer/Early Fall July - October 2017 schedule is now available. Browse our courses for the latest computer training class dates and times. You can also [Download] a PDF of our current catalog.

Cloud Storage with OneDrive

Although many people use email to handle their documents, a more efficient method of sharing and transferring files is to use Cloud storage. You store the file in the Cloud, and everyone accesses the file in the same place. [More]

More Sections of Tableau

The Tableau visualization software empowers data analysts to make data-driven decisions about their organization. Due to popular demand for training in this software we have added more class sections. [Tableau Training Schedule]

Introduction to R

New this fall we are offfering classes in the analysis programming tool, R. Check the schedule for dates and times. [R Training Schedule]

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