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CETC October 2011 Newsletter

(Posted: 10/26/2011)

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In This Issue:

Computer Education & Training Center Schedule

Browse our current schedule for the latest computer training class dates and times. You can also [Download] a PDF copy of our current catalog.

Digital Publishing with InDesign

Digital Publishing allows you to expand your reach to new devices. The ability to add interactivity and media to digital publications lets you engage the reader in a new medium. [Take a Test Drive]

PowerShell Scripting

For those of you who have been in the IT field a while, you may have some experience with scripting and working with a command line in Unix or Linux. You may even still remember your favorite MS-DOS command. Now there is a new kid on the block for Windows: PowerShell. Released with Windows 7 and Windows 2008 R2, v2.0 of PowerShell is a task-based command line language designed for system administrators. Although you may start with simple commands (called 'cmdlets'), you can easily write your own cmdlets to perform more complex tasks. Working with PowerShell tools, administrators can streamline tasks such as mapping virtual drives to directories routinely accessed and navigating through Active Directory.

If you are power user or a Windows administrator working with Windows Server, Active Directory, Exchange Server, or SQL Server you'll want to learn the basics of PowerShell to get started on becoming more efficient in managing your systems. [Learn More].

SharePoint Integration

In order to compete in a global market and a virtual world, the ability to share documents and collaborate is becoming increasingly more important in many business settings. Imagine being able to share slides, access data, centralize a contacts list, or communicate easily about sales data with a partner on the other side of the world.

One of the many powerful capabilities of SharePoint is the ability to work on a Word, PowerPoint, or Excel document simultaneously. Before SharePoint, business partners needed to be in the same cubicle or to email each other drafts in order to collaborate. With SharePoint's check-in and check-out feature, along with its versioning tools, users can see changes made to a document in 'real-time'.

Another great feature in SharePoint is the slide library. Using a SharePoint slide library allows you to pick common slides out of any existing PowerPoint presentation, store them on your SharePoint server, and use them to create new PowerPoint presentations. If you have slides that are included with all of your company's presentations, storing them in a slide library allows other users in your company to access the same resource.

Our class Advanced Topics in SharePoint: Office Integration covers ways to utilize SharePoint in conjunction with other Microsoft Office applications. This new class brings together all of your favorite Microsoft Office products into one powerful collaboration tool, allowing you to be more productive and efficient. [Check Schedule].

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