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CETC March 2012 Newsletter

(Posted: 03/05/2012)

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In This Issue:

Computer Education & Training Center Schedule

The March through June 2012 schedule is now available. Browse our current class schedule for the latest computer training class dates and times. You can also [Download] a PDF copy of our current catalog.

Design Web Sites for Mobile Devices

The user experience on the Web has evolved considerably over the years. Web pages can now be viewed on phones, tablets, netbooks, and desktop computers. As a result, your Web pages need to be designed for varying screen sizes, different resolutions, and slower connection speeds. [Read the Full Story]

Create Dynamic Web Sites with jQuery

Everyone wants a Web site that is engaging with interactive features to draw in participants. On the Web, much of this interactivity is often done with a scripting language called JavaScript. While JavaScript is fairly simple to learn, many users find that popular tasks can take more time to develop and implement than desired. jQuery is one solution to this problem. [Read the Full Story]

Update Your Skills with a Specialized Certificate

Specialized Certificates are available in Web Design, Excel, SharePoint, Programming, Business Applications, Digital Graphics, and other areas. Make it your goal to master new skills this spring. [Benefits of a Specialized Certificate]

Coming for Spring/Summer

Watch our home page for announcements about more advanced classes in jQuery, WordPress, and SQL Integration Services.

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