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CETC May 2018 Newsletter

(Posted: 05/07/2018)

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Computer Education & Training Center, Schedule Updates

The June - August 2018 schedule is now available. Browse our courses for the latest computer training class dates and times. You can also [Download] a PDF of our current catalog.

Mastering SQL Queries

This summer take time to master SQL queries. We've recently updated our Advanced SQL Query classes to help you better understand data and relationships. You'll work with complex joins from multiple tables with with real-life examples as well as handle sub-queries and aggregate data. [Advanced SQL Queries]

iPhone App Development

With the development tools available from Apple, you can successfully create an app for mobile devices. Check out our iOS development classes this summer beginning on July 26. [Creating iPhone/iPad Apps]


If you are using Office365, your may want to check out our OneDrive class. OneDrive offers users a way to store files in the cloud, share files with other users, and sync files on all their devices. Learn to effectively manage your Office365 files and documents with our upcoming OneDrive class. [More on OneDrive]

Expanded iPad Classes

We've exanded our iPad series to explore the new drag and drop features, cloud document storage features, and other enhancements that can increase your productivity. Realize the full potential of the iPad and master the skills you need to be productive with the device. [More on the iPad]

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