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WordPress Overview

In the growing world of content management on the Web, WordPress has emerged as a leader in the field - popular because it makes collecting, managing and publishing information on the web so easy.

Content Management System (CMS)

WordPress is a Content Management System or CMS. As a CMS, it can be used to build and maintain a full Web site. WordPress handles much of the visual aspects of the web site, allowing you to focus on the content and not worry about the technical aspects of page layout on the web.

WordPress also includes a blogging functionality that allows you to post articles or editorials in chronological order and has the capability (if desired) to allow other users to comment on the original post. A blog helps keep your content fresh which can drive more visitors to your site.

Tools for Every User

With WordPress, you can manage all types of content including photos, videos, links, text, documents, multimedia files, themes, and widgets. You can also make your posts available through an RSS feed.

WordPress offers something for every level of user in terms of being able to customize your site. For instance, advanced users can customize the source code using scripting or programming tools. Yet, the software also functions well for beginning users, by offering a graphical user interface with templates, themes, and plugins that allow for many changes to be done without programming skills.

WordPress is open-source software and it is free to download, customize, and use. WordPress is supported by a community of developers that enhance and add features to the product.

CETC WordPress Classes

In our Introduction to WordPress class, you will learn the basic knowledge necessary to create, publish, and maintain your own blog or content management site. Our Intermediate WordPress class will teach you how to customize your WordPress site including working with widgets, modifying page layout, creating navigation menus, customizing CSS, and updating headers and background images.

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