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SQL Reporting Services

SQL Server Reporting Services Classes

Learn to use SSRS (SQL Server Reporting Services) to create, format, and manage reports.

Virtual Classes: Our SQL Reporting Services (SSRS) classes are now available online with an instructor present for the entire course. You will see the instructor's screen throughout the class and you can share your screen if you need individual help from the instructor. You will have time to practice, ask questions, and receive hands-on training. During class, you will be able to access our SQL Server in order to learn SQL.

In-person classes are also available at our West County facility with limited enrollments to promote social distancing. When you register, choose your class section based on how you want to attend the class: virtual or in-person.

  • Choose "West County In-Person" if you want to attend a class at our West County location.
  • Select "Live Online" if you want to attend virtually from your workplace or home.

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Introduction to SQL Server Reporting Services

(Prerequisite: Introduction to SQL or equivalent experience.) Learn to create professional-quality reports from SQL Server and other ODBC-compliant databases. Discover how to create both standard and ad-hoc reports and deliver them via print, Web, e-mail, and PDF files. Create an environment where users can design their own reports with limited database knowledge. Learn to build and format reports with headers, footers, titles, totals, and calculations. The reports you create can contain tables, charts (or both), and can drill-down to other reports for greater detail. [Course Outline]
Fee: $239

One-Day Class Meets 8:30am-4:00pm (6.5 hours)
Code Date Location Instructor
E1278 Wed., Sept. 30Virtual/WCBill Barry

Intermediate SQL Server Reporting Services

(Prerequisite: Introduction to SQL Server Reporting Services and Intermediate Applications of SQL or knowledge of joins, or equivalent experience.) Create sophisticated reports that are customized for your specific needs. Learn to display multiple data sets on one report and combine graphics with and without data for visual impact. Other topics include using multi-value parameters and preparing matrix (cross-tab) reports with drill-down capabilities. Learn how to protect your data through model item security, security filters, and opaque expressions. Generate practical reports that display the information needed for decision- making. [Course Outline]
Fee: $239

One-Day Class Meets 8:30am-4:00pm (6.5 hours)
Code Date Location Instructor
E1279 Wed., Oct. 7Virtual/WCBill Barry

Advanced SQL Server Reporting Services

(Prerequisite: Intermediate SQL Server Reporting Services or equivalent experience.) Learn the techniques to make your reports more flexible and efficient. Topics include creating drill-down reports to display detail, either from other reports or from charts, and using lists for flexibility in arranging data on reports. Discover how subreports can increase your efficiency by reusing code, allow you to display reports inside the current report, and enable use of multiple data sources. [Course Outline]
Fee: $239

One-Day Class Meets 8:30am-4:00pm (6.5 hours)
Code Date Location Instructor
E1280 Thurs., Oct. 15Virtual/WCBill Barry

If you would like to register for a course, call (314) 984-9000 or register online.

Classes are also available in the SQL Language that cover SQL syntax and beginning through advanced commands and queries.

You may also be interested in other SQL Server classes including SQL Programming (Transact-SQL), SQL Server Integration Services, SQL Server Administration, and SQL Server Relational Database Design.