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SQL Integration Services

SQL Server Integration Services Classes

When considering data migration, data integration, or data warehousing, using SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) can assist in the process. By building enterprise extraction, transformation, and loading solutions (ETL), you can perform SSIS maintenance and updates.

Virtual Classes: Our SQL Integration Services (SSIS) classes are now available online with an instructor present for the entire course. You will see the instructor's screen throughout the class and you can share your screen if you need individual help from the instructor. You will have time to practice, ask questions, and receive hands-on training. During class, you will be able to access our SQL Server in order to learn SQL.

In-person classes are also available at our West County facility with limited enrollments to promote social distancing. When you register, choose your class section based on how you want to attend the class: virtual or in-person.

  • Choose "West County In-Person" if you want to attend a class at our West County location.
  • Select "Live Online" if you want to attend virtually from your workplace or home.

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Introduction to SQL Server Integration Services

(Prerequisite: Introduction to SQL or equivalent experience.) This course introduces the Business Intelligence Development Studio within SQL Server Data Tools and the use of various elements in building an ETL package, including Control Flow elements, Data Flow tasks, and Connection Managers. Topics covered include building an SSIS package using Control Flow tasks, Data Flow tasks and Connection Managers. You will also work with Derived Column Transformation to concatenate data located in multiple columns. Additional topics include Sequence Containers, Conditional Split Transformations, and Data Viewers. [Course Outline]
Fee: $239

One-Day Class Meets 8:30am-4:00pm (6.5 hours)
Code Date Location Instructor
E1431 Fri., Dec. 4Virtual/WCBeth Arrowsmith

Intermediate SQL Server Integration Services

(Prerequisites: Introduction to SSIS or equivalent experience.) In this class, you will build on the skills gained in the introductory SSIS course. Learn to work with SSIS variables, parameters and expressions to add flexibility to the Data Flow tasks and connection managers. Discover how to build an in-memory recordset using the Recordset Destination. Understand how to use the data values of an in memory recordset to loop through a second recordset using a Foreach Loop to perform actions on or with the records of the second recordset. Investigate how to use the Row Count Transformation and a precedent constraint to control the package control flow.  [Course Outline]
Fee: $239

One-Day Class Meets 8:30am-4:00pm (6.5 hours)
Code Date Location Instructor
E1432 Fri., Dec. 11Virtual/WCBeth Arrowsmith

Advanced SQL Server Integration Services

(Prerequisite: Intermediate SSIS or equivalent experience.) Learn the techniques of processing incoming data from one or more sources with the intent of cleansing the data prior to loading the cleansed data into your companys production tables. You will tackle the skills necessary with building or adding to a SSIS package for the purpose data deduplication and correction. Learn how to use the Merge, Merge Join or Union All Transformations to join multiple SQL Server or non-SQL Server data sources. Discover how to use the Lookup and Fuzzy Lookup transformations to locate exact matches between the rows of incoming and existing data sources. [Course Outline]
Fee: $239

One-Day Class Meets 8:30am-4:00pm (6.5 hours)
Code Date Location Instructor
E1433 Fri., Dec. 18Virtual/WCBeth Arrowsmith

If you would like to register for a course, call (314) 984-9000 or register online.

Classes are also available in the SQL Language that cover SQL syntax and beginning through advanced commands and queries.

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