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SharePoint and Microsoft Office Integration Demo

If you are using Microsoft SharePoint to organize information or collaborate with colleagues, there is a good chance that you are also using other Microsoft Office products. For example, you might be:

You might even be doing all of those tasks at once. SharePoint is designed to work closely with these Office products. Our course Advanced Topics in SharePoint: Office Integration explores the connections between SharePoint and the Office suite so that you can discover ways to save time and effort.

Imagine that you are writing a letter to a group of contacts, and you would like to use Word's Mail Merge tool to personalize these letters quickly. This list of contacts is only stored on your organization's SharePoint site. With a few clicks of the mouse, you can connect the SharePoint list to Outlook and Outlook to Word, allowing you to incorporate the individual contact information into the letters. Click on the play button below to see a demo.


SharePoint Classes

Once you become proficient at SharePoint, you will continue to use it in conjunction with Microsoft Office to extend its power and share data.

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