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Adobe Premiere

What is Adobe Premiere?

Adobe Premiere is a sophisticated video editing software package that allows you to produce high quality videos. As one of the leaders in the industry, Premiere packs a multimedia punch for any budget.

Whether you are making movies to show in 1080p HD or short videos for the web, you will find tools for every skill level. Our instruction guides you through the steps, from start to finish, for creating a quality product.

You won't want to miss the special video effects. For example, the Ultra Key effect allows you to take the video you created in front of a green screen and edit the green out. The result is a video clip that you can lay over another, giving the illusion of being somewhere else.

Premiere Classes

Adobe Premiere offers tools to bring audio, video, and text together in a spectacular way. Impress your colleagues and level the competition by signing up for our Premiere Pro series.

[Premiere and After Effects Class Schedule]