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PivotTable Class

The Power of PivotTables

The PivotTable feature in Excel is a great time-saving tool to quickly extract and summarize large quantities of data. With just a few keystrokes, you can create a new data table with your results.

It's a great way to extract meaningful information and answer questions about your business. For instance, if you company needs a better understanding of sales, you can generate a PivotTable to determine the following:

Excel PivotTables allow you to quickly set up a second table. On this summary table, you can count, sort, total, or create averages. PivotTables get their name from the ability to rotate or "pivot" the data by dragging and dropping fields into the table. In other words, it gives you the ability to look at your information from many different angles or views. It's a powerful tool for analyzing data.

PivotTable Classes

Once you become proficient at PivotTables, you can build on their power and create custom reports as well as drill down further into the data. Our Introduction to PivotTables class will teach you how to set up your summary reports and pivotcharts. In addition to consolidating the data, you'll learn to format and customize you views. You will also understand how to work with disparate data sources, manipulate data, and work with calculated fields. Finally, you will be introduced to slicers to filter your data and quickly find the information you need.

The Intermediate PivotTables class covers some of the more advanced features of PivotTables including conditional formatting and how to view your date fields with timeline slicers. It also delves into grouping your data on multiple levels and displaying summaries in many different ways,

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