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Overview of Designing Web Sites for Mobile Devices

Mobile Devices at West County Computer Lab

The way users experience Web browsing has changed considerably in the last few years. Web pages can now be viewed on phones, tablets, netbooks, and desktop computers. As a result, your Web pages will be viewed in varying screen sizes, different resolutions, and possibly slower connection speeds.

If you don't want to discourage mobile phone and tablet users from visiting your site, you may want to design your site to accommodate the device differences. Two strategies for responding to this challenge are:

The first method means that you do not have to duplicate existing content and would work well in accommodating both tablets and desktop computers. The second method does involve duplicating content, but it allows you to optimize your pages for slower network connections and also design your pages to be more easily viewed on the small screens found on smartphones.

CETC Designing Web Sites for Mobile Devices Using Dreamweaver Class

Our Designing Web Sites for Mobile Devices Using Dreamweaver class will teach you how to account for these differences in the design of your site and how to design a mobile site specifically for small screens. Dreamweaver (especially the latest version of Dreamweaver) provides the tools for meeting these objectives. You will learn to use:

The jQuery Mobile Framework will be incorporated for development of pages specifically for mobile devices.

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