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jQuery Classes

What is jQuery?

Add Interactivity with JavaScript

Everyone wants a Web site that is engaging with interactive features to draw in participants. On the Web, much of this interactivity is accomplished with a scripting language called JavaScript. While JavaScript is fairly simple to learn, many users find that popular tasks can take more time to develop and implement than desired.

Use the jQuery Library to Save Time

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As a result, many JavaScript Libraries have been created, which are prebuilt collections of JavaScript code you can use to speed up your development process. In other words, you use existing routines to assist you and you don't have to reinvent the wheel. jQuery is one of today's most popular JavaScript libraries. Its motto is simple: "Write Less, Do More."

Some of the effects you can achieve with jQuery include:

Introduced in 2006 and enhanced with subsequent releases, the jQuery library has grown in popularity over the last few years. It is often used in conjunction with HTML5 and CSS3 to produce modern Web sites.

jQuery Classes

Our jQuery class will show you how to simplify your JavaScript programming and save time by using the jQuery library. You will learn how easy it is to incorporate special effects in your web pages.

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