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jQuery Classes

Discover how to enhance the appearance and usability of your Web site using the popular jQuery JavaScript library. The jQuery library makes it much easier for you to set up special effects and interactive Web page features, saving you valuable development time. jQuery is used for many Web applications including animations, image slideshows, drop-down menus, drag and drop interfaces, form validation, data requests, and adding and removing Web page content. [What is jQuery?]

Introduction to jQuery

(Prerequisites: Intermediate Applications of JavaScript or equivalent experience. Experience with CSS is strongly recommended.) Learn to use jQuery to write quick and elegant JavaScript to set up image galleries and slide shows, create accordion menus and sliding panels, select and style page elements in response to user interactions like hovering or clicking, and check whether a particular feature is supported in the user's browser. Topics include understanding the purpose of jQuery, how to obtain it, and basic jQuery syntax. Additional topics include selecting the different page elements, applying CSS styles and classes, adding animations, working with basic event handlers (hover and click), and detecting browser support for particular features. [Course Outline]
Fee: $239

One-Day Class Meets 8:30am-4:00pm (6.5 hours)
Code Date Location Instructor
E8529 Thurs., May 24West CountyLloyd Abernathy

If you would like to register for a course, call (314) 984-9000 or register online.

As a prerequisite to our jQuery class, we offer a series of JavaScript courses that teach how to effectively code in JavaScript. Our Advanced JavaScript class covers AJAX and teaches you how to combine the power of Javascript and XML to create fast, interactive web sites.

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