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What is Adobe InDesign?

Adobe InDesign is a sophisticated page layout and design software that has become an industry standard. Initially developed to create publications for printed materials such as brochures or catalogs, it can now also be used to produce high-quality digital publications.

InDesign includes a wealth of tools that allow you to efficiently produce high quality documents. Users will appreciate a greater level of precision and typographic control, and a heightened ability to add hyperlinks, media, animation and other interactive components. InDesign enables users to visually represent text, images and data in attractive and logical ways using static and dynamic elements.

With InDesign, users can create Tables of Contents and cross-referenced indices, which can be set up to automatically update as new pages are added. InDesign also allows you to format special margins, callouts, sidebars, paragraphs and tables for a wide range of page sizes and shapes.

Adobe InDesign gives you the means to handle small and large projects including business cards, banners, magazines, flyers, catalogs, newspapers, manuals, corporate reports, and books, and design them to meet professional printers' specifications. Adobe InDesign seamlessly integrates with other Adobe products, including Acrobat, Photoshop, Illustrator, and Captivate.

Print Versus Digital

Digital Publishing continues to evolve to a more prominent role.

Although print publishing will continue to play a role in communications, digital publishing continues to evolve into a more prominent role. Digital publishing allows you to create eBooks and add interactivity to publications and prepare documents for the web, tablets, and other mobile devices.

Adobe InDesign Classes

Our Adobe InDesign classes will teach you the basics of the software, as well as strategies to increase your productivity. You will learn how to properly create new documents and work with master pages, and then move on to more advanced topics in layout and design. You will develop skills in manipulating and placing graphics, applying text effects, setting print options, and using styles and libraries to increase your efficiency.

Once you have mastered the tools in the Introductory through Advanced InDesign classes, we have a follow-up class on design principles to help you create attractive documents.

Introductory through Advanced Adobe InDesign Classes

Design Principles Using Adobe InDesign