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Building Web Pages with HTML Classes

Our HTML classes teach you the basics of HTML for creating Web sites and will also help you make adjustments to code created by web design programs. The classes include tags from the evolving HTML5 standard. [More on HTML]

Virtual Classes: Our HTML classes are now available online with an instructor present for the entire course. You will see the instructor's screen throughout the class and you can share your screen if you need individual help from the instructor. You will have time to practice, ask questions, and receive hands-on training.

In-person classes are also available at our West County facility with limited enrollments to promote social distancing. When you register, choose your class section based on how you want to attend the class: virtual or in-person.

  • Select "Live Online" if you want to attend virtually from your workplace or home.
  • Choose "West County In-Person" if you want to attend a class at our West County location.

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Introduction to HTML

(Prerequisite: Experience with Windows. Students should be familiar with the Windows interface and be able to copy and paste material from one document to another, as well as move, change, resize, and manage multiple windows.) This course introduces the basics of creating Web pages using Hypertext Markup Language (HTML). Understand the philosophy of HTML, effective Web page design, and how a markup language works. Learn the basic HTML document elements, tags, and structures. Topics include titles, headings, paragraphs, nested lists, horizontal rules, line breaks, basic formatting techniques, and changing text appearance and color. Additional topics include using special characters, placing graphics in Web-compatible formats, and setting up hypertext links on Web pages. Although the focus of this class is on HTML, some CSS is introduced to help in understanding the relationship between structure and presentation in modern web design.  [Course Outline]
Fee: $199

One-Day Class Meets 8:30am-4:00pm (6.5 hours)
Code Date Location Instructor
E2170 Tues., Aug. 24Virtual/WCDawn Robinson
E2274 Fri., Oct. 8Virtual/WCDawn Robinson

Intermediate Applications of HTML

(Prerequisite: Introduction to HTML or equivalent experience.) This course covers techniques for planning and creating attractive Web pages that combine text and images. Discover how to create tables to display data and use the table features to align images with text, create newspaper-style columns, and insert side heads. Work with referencing sections of a Web page for hyperlinks and using image maps for navigation. Learn techniques for designing Web pages effectively and understand different ways to publish your website. Additional topics include adding meta and base tags. [Course Outline]
Fee: $199

One-Day Class Meets 8:30am-4:00pm (6.5 hours)
Code Date Location Instructor
E2275 Fri., Oct. 15Virtual/WCDawn Robinson

Advanced Applications of HTML

(Prerequisite: Intermediate Applications of HTML or equivalent experience.) Enhance the design and effectiveness of your Web pages using the advanced features of HTML. Learn to use the new HTML5 semantic tags and their role in modern web page design. Understand basic design techniques to improve search engine optimization. Learn proper ways to use attributes and global attributes. Learn basic CSS code for formatting text and the DIV tag for page layout. Create forms that include multiple-choice questions, comment boxes, and buttons so your users can interact with your site and you can gather useful information and feedback. Understand microformats and when you might use them. Discover how you can include media, both audio and video, in your website. [Course Outline]
Fee: $199

One-Day Class Meets 8:30am-4:00pm (6.5 hours)
Code Date Location Instructor
E2276 Fri., Oct. 22Virtual/WCDawn Robinson

If you would like to register for a course, call (314) 984-9000 or register online.

Our Responsive Web Design class shows you how to use the tools available in HTML and CSS to make your Web site mobile-friendly.

We also have classes in CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) that teach you how to have control over the style of your web pages and enhance the design and maintainability of your web site.

Web development classes are available in JavaScript.

To learn more about using a Content Management System (CMS) to manage your Web site, see our WordPress classes.