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Which Excel Class is Right For You?

Excel Overview

From budgeting and expense reporting to tracking leads and analyzing data, Excel continues to be one of the most widely-used computer applications in the world. However, many people are still unaware of and don't take advantage of its vast capabilities and shortcuts.

Using Excel effectively requires skill and experience. Your productivity depends on how well you plan and design your spreadsheet. With proper design, you can make your spreadsheets easy to maintain and avoid headaches down the road.

Beginning through Advanced Excel Training

Our beginning through advanced Excel classes provide you with a solid foundation. Even if you have some experience working with spreadsheets designed by others, Introduction to Excel will give you tips on formatting, editing, and enhancing your spreadsheet. You will learn techniques for constructing formulas and how to use functions. In the Intermediate Excel class you will learn more about designing, working with multiple worksheets, and creating templates. The Advanced Excel class will strengthen your knowledge of linking and using the database features. Most students are unaware of the many features available in Excel. Throughout the Excel series you'll learn more about the power of the program and we'll demonstrate many time-saving tips.

Visualizing Your Data with Charts and PivotTables

Excel provides an easy way to create eye-catching graphs to better present your data. In our Excel Charts class, you'll learn to create basic charts such as column graphs, pie charts, line graphs, and combination charts, as well as more specialized charts available in the later versions of Excel. Most importantly, you will understand how to choose the most appropriate type of chart to effectively present your data.

PivotTables provide a powerful tool to extract and summarize large chunks of data. It helps you answer questions about your business such as which is your top seller or how your sales have been doing over a period of time. Once you have extracted your data, you can use the slicer tool to filter your results and drill down deeper. We have Introductory, Intermediate, and Advanced PivotTable classes to help you master this powerful tool.

Formulas and Functions and Data Manipulation

Excel includes many functions that make it easier for you to perform data analysis. In the Formulas and Functions class you will learn about time-saving functions such as the countif function, which can tell you how many salespeople exceeded their quota this month. You'll learn many shortcuts using functions as well as other powerful features such as how to use array formulas.

In the Data Manipulation class you'll learn how to use comments to document your work, how to manage your workspace, consolidate data, use filters, group data, create subtotals, and validate data.

Customize with Excel VBA

Excel allows you to record your keystrokes in a macro, which is very useful for repetitive tasks. Rather than retyping your commands each time, you can just run the macro which executes your recorded keystrokes or commands. Excel also includes Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) a programming environment that allows you to write custom applications in Excel. Our Excel VBA training will show you how to record macros and introduce you to VBA with the ultimate goal of helping you be more productive.

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