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What is Adobe Captivate?

Adobe Captivate is a software tool used for creating e-Learning projects including screen capture video, software demonstrations, simulations, and on-line learning tutorials . Captivate is one of the leading tools for developing these kinds of learning modules. It is used for topics ranging from software training (i.e., how to add video in PowerPoint) to soft skills training (such as how to respond to challenging customer questions).

With Captivate, you create projects that can present information in many ways, and include use of:

Using Captivate, you can embed video, images, and other multimedia content in your learning modules. Captivate also allows you to include screen recordings showing the learner how to follow software training one step at a time. For example, you could use it to teach how to create a chart in Excel). You could also test comprehension by including quizzes. These quizzes can be configured to report the results in various ways.

Captivate projects often include ways to respond to user interaction, whether it's just to click a "next" button, or to allow the learner to choose their own path through the course.

Adobe Captivate offers a multitude of tools to create online training materials. Check out our schedule of beginning through advanced level classes to help you master this tool.

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