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iOS (iPhone/iPad) App Development in Swift Classes

With the proliferation of mobile devices, many companies are looking to deploy their own app, making mobile app development a rapidly-growing field. Learn to build apps for the iOS platform using Apple's development tools including xCode and the Cocoa framework.

Intermediate APP Development in iOS

(Prerequisite: Introduction to App Development in iOS or equivalent experience.) Understand the iOS app design philosophy and develop skills to build more sophisticated iOS apps for the iPhone and iPad. Learn additional ways to handle text input via the keyboard and understand proper use of property attributes. Learn how to use View control to embed views and how to control them with custom UIView classes. Additional topics include how to use date pickers, how to construct and use custom pickers, and how to use Swift C array containers, mutable containers and some wrapper classes. Learn how to use MapKit to display images, and how to manipulate and customize the maps. Understand how to use multiple views, and how to access common data from multiple controllers. Class topics will be illustrated with individually built simple apps such as an address book, a dice game, a deli menu, and a map app. [Course Outline]
Fee: $499

Two-Day Class Meets 8:30am-4:00pm (13 hours)
Code Dates Location Instructor
E9112 Wed., Sept. 12 & Fri., Sept. 14West CountyCezary Janikow

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