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Overview of Active Directory

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Active Directory was developed by Microsoft and is included with Windows servers. It is intended to provide you with a comprehensive and centralized tool to manage your network. Active Directory is a directory service to handle the users and security rights of a Windows network. It can be described as a central database for network administration and security with information about the users, computers, printers, applications, etc. on the network. Typically, you will use Active Directory to:

Originally introduced with Windows 2000, Active Directory has been enhanced with subsequent server releases of Windows 2003, Windows 2008, and Windows 2008 R2.

Active Directory Classes

In our newly revised Active Directory classes, you will find the perfect blend of foundational theory and practical application. You will have hands-on experience with Active Directory, (AD), Domain Name Services (DNS), or Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP). Our computer lab environment gives you hands-on experience in managing multiple servers and workstations simultaneously.

Our well-rounded look at Active Directory will provide you with the skills and ideas to perform tasks more efficiently, using industry best practices. Master the terminology involved in maintaining a domain. Understand the parent/child domain relationship, delegate control of domain services, maintain sites and site links, and transfer roles between servers. Use tools to assist you in troubleshooting your network. Experience the security consideration for AD, DNS, and DHCP.

You will also be able to replicate your Active Directory, learn how to track down rogue DHCP servers, and understand how to recover from a disaster.

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