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Adobe Acrobat Class

Adobe Acrobat Overview

Adobe Acrobat software allows you to create and edit PDF (Portable Document Format) files, the current standard for sharing documents. The advantage of a PDF document is that it can be read on different computer systems and platforms including Windows, Macintosh, and various mobile devices. You do not need the original software that created the document nor do you have to use the same type of computer or operating system.

Adobe Acrobat takes a document, originally created in another program such as Word, Adobe InDesign, etc., and converts it into a type of a fixed format that is maintained when shared between devices and platforms. You can email a PDF document as an attachment, post it on a web page for downloading, burn it to a CD, or save it to a flash drive or other storage media.

Send PDF Files to the Printer for Publication

Adobe Acrobat PDF files ensures that reports or presentations will maintain their quality appearance as they move from the creator to the end-user. PDF files can contain text, photos, full-color graphics, video, drawings, hyperlinks, etc. PDFs are commonly used to send a document to a commercial printer, so that they can print your publication. For example, you might use a desktop publishing program, such as Adobe InDesign, to create your publication, and then convert it to a PDF. The printer will use the PDF in setting up their press. Adobe Acrobat software interacts well with Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Visio, Project, as well as other Adobe software, such as Adobe Illustrator or Adobe InDesign.

Use PDFs as a Digital Document on Tablets and Other Devices

Acrobat PDF files can be set up as editable or non-editable documents. These PDF files can be used separately or combined to create a portfolio. Over time, more capabilities have been added to the Adobe Acrobat software and it now includes capabilities to digitally sign a document, annotate a document, include password protection, create fillable forms, and do search and replace.

PDF files are often used as a digital document on tablets to minimize printing. A number of apps are available that allow you to maniuplate and annotate your PDF right on the tablet. If the app follows standards, these annotations will be visible in Adobe Acrobat if you move the document from a mobile device back to a PC.

When you place documents on the web or a portable device to be read electronically, you want to be sure that you make your PDF accessible. You can do that with Acrobat and the topic is covered in our Intermediate class.

Adobe Acrobat Classes

In our Adobe Acrobat classes, students will learn how to organize, create, edit and optimize PDFs as well as add, change, and summarize comments. Other topics covered in the course series include:

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