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Since many who attend courses are working adults, time is at a premium. By condensing course content into a series of one- or two-day classes, the Center gives students in-depth instruction within a short period of time.

Summer/Fall Schedule
The August-November 2018 class schedule is now available. more

PivotTables and PowerPivot
Discover how PivotTables and PowerPivot can help you analyze and understand your data with our PivotTables classes on August 16 & 17 and our PowerPivot classes on August 23 & 24 .

Data Visualization with Tableau
Discover the power of analyzing and visualizing data to improve your decision-making with our Tableau classes starting on August 21.

SQL Classes
Grasp the power of SQL and learn how to effectively write queries with our series of classes starting on August 28.

Business Intelligence with Power BI
Discover the power of Excel Data Analytics using Power BI with our classes on August 30 & 31.

Master the power of workgroup collaboration with our SharePoint training beginning on September 7.

Data Analysis with R
Discover the power of analyzing data to improve your decision-making using R with our series of classes starting on September 18.

Microsoft Access
Understand the concepts of database management with our series of Access classes beginning on on September 19.

Enhance your web development skills by learning JavaScript and Ajax. Our JavaScript series of classes begins on September 20.

Computer Lab Rentals
For your next meeting, conference, or class, consider holding it at the Computer Education & Training Center.

New Classes
Cloud Storage with OneDrive
Power BI
Advanced SQL Queries
Python Programming
R Training
SharePoint 2016
Data Visualization with Tableau

About CETC

CETC West County Building

The Computer Education & Training Center at the University of Missouri-St. Louis offers computer training courses in a wide variety of topics and skill levels.

We are conveniently located in West County, near I-270 and Manchester. Whatever your experience or interest, the Center has the computer training class to meet your needs. more

Certificate Programs

The Center offers 10 Specialized Chancellor's Certificates to provide you with the technical knowledge, skills, and hands-on experience to increase your value to your organization and to enhance your professional development. more

Web Page Design
Web Scripting and Interactivity
Web Programming and Databases
Business Applications
Data Analysis
Electronic Art and Publishing
Digital Graphics
Database Technology

Corporate Services

We offer special options for organizations and businesses to stretch their computer training dollars and get the targeted training they need, including

Tech Q & A

What are some key skills you need to succeed in today's technology environment? As an IT professional, your job has become more complex, with employers and customers expecting a blend of technical skills and talent in communication, management, and leadership skills. more